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     Special Collection on Customs

Located on the 7th floor of UIBE library, UIBE’ s Customs Faculty Reading Room houses a special collection on customs,  mainly from the former collection of the pre-1949 “Republic of China Customs Reference Library”. It boasts quite a number of rare editions and unique copies worldwide. The collection consists of two main parts: I, over 10,000 volumes of Chinese and overseas books on international trade and customs published during the late Qing Dynasty and the pre-1949 “the Republic of China”; II, 6390 cases of ancient books published in Qing Dynasty.


The library has started the cataloging of the collection, and most of the books are already searchable through the library’s catalog. The collection has become a significant resource for researchers on the history of international trade and customs in China.


Opening Time:  

8:00--11:30;13:30--16:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

8:00-11:30 on Thursdays

Contact the librarian: Room 709, Tel. 64496105


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