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About the library


The current UIBE nine-storey library building was erected in August, 2008. The Library collects a vast variety of books, covering diverse subjects, and distinguished especially with its pre-1949 publications on international trade and customs. By June, 2013, the Library held a collection of more than 1.4 million books, including foreign language collections of over 57,000 volumes with a focus on economics, trade, and law. Also to the satisfaction of readers is the increased acquisition of digital resources from home and abroad, including databases, electronic journals, electronic books (of over 4270 GB), and theses and dissertations. With a floor space of over 25,000 square meters, it offers 2,338 chairs and 295 computers in its Electronic Reading Room and its training facility for readers. 


The services the Library now provides include circulation, a digital library portal, resource retrieval, information service and research reference, interlibrary loan and document delivery, user training, academic books on reserve, multimedia services, etc.


 The library strives to provide fulfilling support to teaching, learning, and literary entertainment needs for faculty members and students, and welcomes your comments and suggestions about your experience in the library and with the Library's online services. We wish you every success in your inquiries and pursuit of learning and research. 


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